Buried Treasure

When I bought my first scanner I was so excited to use it I took it out of the box, set it up, and stayed up all night going through old family photos and scanning them for all my family to view. I was elated. My since-gone family members were literally brought out of hiding and brought back for everyone to see - and remember.

Then I was on to my second scanner, only this time it could do more. My new scanner could change old family slides into photos to be seen on the computer, no longer needing a dilapidated old projector and broken down screen, and an eager audience to view them. I could now use these photos to print, frame, give as gifts, or display proudly in an album to be cherished for generations.

Later, I was so excited about past history, I was eager to rummage through every shoe-box, chest, and album that contained any family photo. To me this was like finding buried treasure.

Enjoying photography since my first Brownie camera, I have always been easily entertained viewing life through a camera lens; wanting to capture permanently what the brain can view for only a brief moment. Think of it; a permanent moment in time. A smile from a new parent's face, a giggle from a happy child, excitement from an accomplishment - these are only the beginning of the emotions that can be generated when viewing photos.

No doubt you’ve heard the old adage, a picture tells a thousand words. Old photos reveal the past. Photos confirm an old memory once locked in the back of your mind. Photographs are works of art that also relay deeper truths and emotions. They’re revealing. They tell a story. Photographs are visual emotion; it’s what makes us human.

Bring your old photos or family slides back to life and renew those memories. You’ll be glad you did.

Shirlee Severs 2017